The Story behind “Hot Dogging”

Hot Dog definition:

Pronunciation: (hot’dôg”, -dog”), [key]
v., -dogged, -dog•ging,
adj. Informal.
1. to perform unusual or very intricate maneuvers in a sport, esp. surfing or skiing.
2. to perform in a recklessly or flamboyantly skillful manner, as in a sport or athletic activity; show off. —adj.
1. skillful or excellent, as in sports performance.
2. of, indicating, or for a type of sports activity, esp. surfing or skiing, in which intricate and potentially dangerous stunts are performed.
3. intended or done to draw attention; showy or sensational. Also,hot’dog”.
Taken from:




The history behind the “Hot Dog” movement.
Hot Dog skiing, By Bob “Boogie” Mann.

A brief but very educational over view of this historic movement can be found at. (,M1) The preview which includes mostly pictures and some wonderful text is a perfect opportunity to culture yourself APRES STYLE. For any of our readers who are not 100% sure they follow us when we refer to or why we are obsessed with the term “Hot Dog,” please read take a minute to read this.

To purchase the complete edition:




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