Resort Profile: Mt. Bachelor

I know, I know… we have been thinking the same thing… pretty sweet name (without a question it’s up there with “Bro-Peak”)!  Truth is I havent been there, but our CFO told me that is a total treat (he’s been on a tear since recovering from ACL surgery).  It’s a little spot up in Bend, Oregon, with beautiful mountains, not a ton of people, and plenty of snow!  Basically you just fly in to Portland and drive your rental car ~150 miles southeast.  The CFO’s on-site report included great apres at “local” spots…  it’s also the home of Jerry Scdoris (3-time champion of the Iditarod, of course), and if you get tired of the skiing, his daughter, Rachael, will take you for a dog-sled tour!  Popped on my radar very recently and I would expect they are one of the first places in the U.S. to get snow… is that a good sign for the season?

Current Bachelor Conditions: Depth: 1″ ……… Snowfall in the last 24 Hours: 1″




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