Warren Miller’s Dynasty – A Review

Warren Miller's Dynasty

Warren Miller's Dynasty

This past Friday night in Boston some of the ApresSki elite and friends went to see the Boston premier of Warren Millers latest film, Dynasty.  After waiting outside the theater for a short while, jockeying for position and selling an extra ticket, we made our way inside the theater and eagerly awaited the start of the film.

This year’s film delivered all you would expect from a Warren Miller production –  big-mountain skiing, epic powder days, epic crashes, and gorgeous photography from all across the world.  This year’s film moved a little bit away from the park and pipe and more towards big mountain adventure (though there was still plenty of park, pipe, and big air to satisfy anyone).  Some of the corners of the globe visited this year were Idaho, Canada, Norway, and China.  The scenes from the Norway portion were pretty incredible – the skiers jumping out of an inflatable onto the beach, strapping on their sticks and skinning up some peaks that jutted straight out of the ocean.  The cinematography was amazing, as they had shots of these skiers carving along a ridge that dropped straight down what seemed thousands of feet to the ocean.

A group favorite was the focus on the mono skiers from the Winter X games in Aspen, CO.  I’m just going to throw this out there – these guys are nuts, and extremely talented to boot.  The cajones it must take to sit down in one of those mono skis and race down the Skier X course is incredible.  They intersperse shots of the race, the wrecks, and some powder days with these skiers, and it is very well done.

There are constant reminders of the past throughout the film, with photos, videos, and sound clips snuck in over the entire course.  It’s interesting to see the changes in style throughout Warren Miller’s time creating these films, and it will be even more interesting to see where skiing goes in the future.   It’s clear that the boundaries of skiing have been pushed far over the past 60 years, and it’s clear they will continue to be pushed in the next 60.



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