A time to give

On my way to a friendly squash match with après co-founder Duncan before what is sure to be an indulging next few days to say the least and I walked by the scene below. I’m going to go out on a limb and say many skiers are pack/gear rats like me and giving up any of it can be a challenge. My excuse for the skis below may sound something like, “I’m not getting rid of these babies, they’re collectors items!” or, “I’m definitely going to use these as rock skis.” In reality we probably all have a few gear items, no matter how “useful” they may be in the future, that we can pass on. So here’s to a job well done by this guy (I’m assuming that it’s a dude as the skis are 210’s minimum) and to the rest of us who will donate at least one gear item this Holiday season!


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