Official Press Release: Fall Meetings a Success!

This year’s Après fall meetings were a success. There was lots of laughing like when Duncan showed up to the resort (which must remain nameless) only to realize he had forgotten to pack pants, or like when CEbrO tried to grow a mustache.  And there was definitely some crying done as well, like when the CFO was told neon was in fact NOT back for the 2010 season, or after the emotional acceptance speech given by our newest member (whose title is still in the works) which had the hotel and spa staff in tears as well as the whole Après family.  Other highlights included “The Bizz” announcing a possible comeback after spending the last few months dealing with “personal issues” about which he wishes everybody would just leave him alone and give him his privacy. Yet he apologized for his “transgressions.”

Anyway, day three was pretty jammed featuring “Strength Finders” and individual reviews but I think we came away with a lot of positives. In short, Après Execs have chosen to freeze their salaries for the 2010 season in response to the difficult economic times and put on hold the launch of our new clothing line now scheduled for 20….. A clear example of how the staff is cutting back would be finance chief J.D joining the conference via telephone so to save the company the expense of flying him P.J to the resort location. On a personal level my review was pretty fair and honest. Petite (who I have since fired) conducted my review and told me that I needed to “relate to the reader more,”  to “give the people what they want,” and to “write about what makes you happy.”  So to that end in I will be posting at some point today my thoughts on a conversation I shared just last night with an Après juggernaut Timmy E. over at “Après Weighs In.”

So, to close, I’d like to thank all involved for a successful meeting. CFO- you did a wonderful job coordinating the decorations.  The bedazzled note pads may have been a bit much but I don’t care what anybody says, there’s nothing like a nice smoking robe for evening meetings, a very good gift idea for the group.  Duncan- The agenda you put together was strong and hard.  You led like you ski, commanding and vicious. Petite- despite being fired for my review, you did a great job coordinating the food.  I probably would have avoided flying in the sushi (trying to cut costs here), but I love the creativity and who isn’t a sucker for Japanese tuna.  J.D- It’s clear that our investment to send you over to England for a few years is paying off. Your presentation of our finances was nothing short of sexy, its clear the long-term stability of this organization is in good hands, just keep it on the straight and narrow over there, like neon ‘Euro’ is still out!

Meetings are officially: CONCLUDED.



One Response

  1. I am happy your meetings went well and you are right… NEON is not back “in” for the 2010 season but how long until you wake up and realize that its never been “out”…
    I mean honestly… When is the last time you saw a dude rippin down some bumps and said “that neon jacket sucks.”? Tell me.. Tell me HMMM!
    NEVER! Holy Chrysler Plant! I would push you off the lift for saying something like that…

    Your typical reaction… My typical reaction is “I want to party with that guy!”


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