If I had to: Jacket

I am skeptical about writing this post because I am treading dangerously into CFO waters, which is all things fashion. So let me be clear, this is merely my “if I had to” wish list and in no way reflects the views of our Chief Fashion Officer. Although even the Chief will tell you that I know my way around a hard-shell hood. To that end, IF I HAD TO BUY A JACKET RIGHT NOW, I think I would have to follow the lead of Apres Social Representative and neighbor to Cloudveil out in Jackson,  Tim and pick up the new Cloudvneil Koven jacket. I will stick to my area of expertise here and let you know why this is a 10 out of a possible 10 hood. First its a shaped hood that is designed for comfort/warmth but also speed as access material wont be flapping around catching wind and snow as you ski. Lets keep in mind that second point as this is an extremely warm jacket and chances are if your skiing in it, it’s because temps are very low, the last thing you want is a steady air stream down your spine or worse snow. My second point for hood supremicy here, which may be equally as important as the Koven’s functionality is clearly style. Displaying the inner down material which is orange (I would choose the color black with this jacket although it is offered on three other colors) on the inside of the hood is as stylish as it comes. I sort of look at this jacket and hood and specifically hear, “yeah, I did just crush the 2nd and 3rd alley off Pallavinci but I don’t see why we’re sitting here talking about it I was there.” Features outside the hood that I find attractive are blonde hair, blue eyes, and large breast pockets. Note the matching outer breast pockets which offer easy access to essentials, avoiding the always awkward retrieval of a snack or trail map from a hip pocket. So I would like to thank Cloudveil up front for sending me this jacket to test out so I can write a more tecnical review and also Tim for bringing it to my attention. Tim I hope these thoughts help, lord knows you don’t need style advice from us, but from a technical standpoint this jacket is a go.

Note: (There is a zero chance Cloudveil sends me anything much less a $500 jacket)



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