Live Breaking Weather Report (East Coast)

Current Conditions in Hanover, NH

It’s coming down at a pretty healthy pace right now across VT and NH.  Here in Hanover, NH (think 45 minutes to K-Mart, a buck 10 to Sugarbush / MRG) we’ve got about 3 inches on the ground and it’s falling at about 3/4 of an inch an hour.  The temp is pretty steady at about 27 degrees, and it shouldn’t get above freezing all day.  Now, for the somewhat more mixed news: there is a pattern of high altitude warm air expected to come through the area this afternoon.  This could mean a switch to sleet, or even rain, for the lower mountain regions.  I’m watching several different models right now, and best case scenario for the spine of the Green Mountains would be 5-7 inches of snow this morning, a brief period of sleet, and then another couple of inches of snow on top.  Now, this might seem bad for skiing tomorrow, but in the long run a layer of sleet could actually help the areas set up a base (right now, there isn’t much to stick to).  I won’t go into the worst case scenario, but obviously it would be decidedly more wet than what I just described.  A couple points of note: Jay will likely get all snow, but not as much.  Looking a little further out, Jay, Stowe, and hopefully the further south Mountains could get some surprise lake effect fluff in the next 5 or so days.  There is a big high pressure area coming in following this storm, and temps are going to be nice and cold.  The lakes are still fairly warm and they should be dumping moisture.  Of course it’s too early for anything concrete, but I’m crossing my fingers fingers for a little extra white as we head into the weekend.


***Update on Post Below: Dear CEO, Welcome to 2008***

I love where the CEO’s head is at these days, but as you can see the Cloudveil Koven is old news – its been in my stable for 2 years.  Great jacket and I rock it all the time, but not exactly what I would call breaking fashion news.  Unfortunately, with me on assignment in ski country and the budget freeze putting the brakes on private jet travel, these kind of issues are bound to pop up – just a product of not being in person at the daily Apres staff meetings.



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