The Man, the Myth…THE BIZ

Folks this is big. Today marks our first evening back in the office after a relaxing holiday break, so I’ll cut right to the chase. The Biz is an early front-runner for the 2010 “mustache of the year!”  As decided by the Apres inner circle sometime between the wee hours of 2 and who knows am. Jan 1, the age-old tradition of growing such strong facial hair must be recognized and will be celebrated.  Unfortunately not all of us poses the ability to compete in this competition (mainly CEbrO), however the Biz is not one of those people. Many of you will remember that our Fashion Chief paved the way for the inception of this competition, with his post last year (3.27.09) titled, “Apres Ski Facial Hair Throwdown.” CFO will undoubtedly have much to say about this early nomination, so look for more to come from the Chief. In the mean time, from all of us here at Apres headquarters, HAPPY NEW YEAR AND HAPPY TRAILS FOR 2010.

Outstanding work Biz… absolutely OUTSTANDING!



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