Cheap Skiing in the East

Most everyone on the East coast wrestles with the price of skiing in their heads.  Taking big D’s previous post about annual snowfall into consideration, you pay just about the same amount to ski at Sunday River as you do to ski at most all of the resorts in Colorado, but you get a fraction of the snowfall and certainly a fraction of the vertical.  So if there is an opportunity to get up to the mountains and ski at a fraction of the retail price (and save some loot for the apres scene and rounds of Goombay Smashes), we’re all for it.

A co-worker of mine sent over this website that organizes day ski trips on the weekends.  Check it out HERE.   Every weekend ski trips leave from the Boston area and head up to some of the best ski mountains in New Hampshire, Vermont, and Maine.  It cannot be argued that $59 for a lift ticket at Loon and a ride there and back is a bad deal.  Not possible.  So jump online, book a bus ticket and a lift ticket, and get up to the mountains this winter – suddenly skiing has become affordable.



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