Bad news is breaking right now… Lindsey Vonn, the US Alpine skier that is a medal favorite in 5 events, revealed in an interview this morning that she has a painful injury to her right shin sustained in practice leading up to the Olympics. She alluded to the possibility that it could keep her from competing. Though there is no structural damage, it is “excruciatingly painful”.

Let’s just hope, for Lindsey’s sake, and for the US Ski Team, that she is able to have some kind of recovery and be able to cope with the pain. We’re rooting for you, Lindsey! Godspeed!


For more of Lindsey, check her out on the SBOTW page here.


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  1. Does anybody think its strange that less than a week before the Olympics she is injured and spending her time not elevating the leg, and icing it, but touring new york on a series of publicity appearances. Hmmm….. I think Lindsey may just have a great publicists that has gotten her to fake an injury that is just barely serious enough for us to be concerned about her Olympic performance. If she’s really injured she should be in T.O.’s hyperbolic chamber that helped him come back from a high ankle sprain just in time to play in the super bowl.

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