Good news on the Vonn front.

Recent news thankfully points to Lindsey Vonn competing as expected in the 2010 games, which officially open tomorrow evening. However, some Apres readers think there may be more to this story than just a contusion. I never thoughts I’d say this, but the views of our readers do not reflect the opinion of… In all honesty thought, I hadn’t considered this point, but who knows…
“Does anybody think its strange that less than a week before the Olympics she is injured and spending her time not elevating the leg, and icing it, but touring new york on a series of publicity appearances. Hmmm….. I think Lindsey may just have a great publicists that has gotten her to fake an injury that is just barely serious enough for us to be concerned about her Olympic performance. If she’s really injured she should be in T.O.’s hyperbolic chamber that helped him come back from a high ankle sprain just in time to play in the super bowl”


One Response

  1. Agree (heavily) with the emailed commentary. The whole thing seems pretty manufactured – “she’s overcome the odds!” She did ski well though.

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