Lago in a bit of a… “situation”

Reports have been breaking all weekend about American bronze medalist, snowboarder Scotty Lago, and his, well, situation. I’d like to say he’s taking a page out of Bodes’ book, as Lago clearly partied at an “Olympic level,” but really, Bode’s crushing these Olympics more on the slopes than off them (as far as we know) and Lago is now back home with his bronze medal, and sense of humor. Lago sent out a twitter update recently that read, “Got home this morning to all my homies. Such a good Olympic experience. Keeping my medal in a safe spot for now haha.” (article L.A Times) The 23 year-old New Hampshire native definitely made the first Apres headlines of the Olympics, and while its too tempting not to make the comparison, as Boston natives ourselves, I think its also worth while mentioning that Lago’s a charitable supporter of children’s hospitals here in Boston, which is definitely cool. All things considered though, I’d absolutely take a bronze medal and some dicey pics over a tight fade and fake tan.


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