Mt. Snow – An old favorite

The Bizz and I had a good evening and day up at Mt. Bro (Snow) last weekend. Highlights included, me loosing my room key, three times in the first hour, watching the Olympic opening ceremony’s while everybody else watched me drink half a dozen Coors Light’s (the rooms didn’t have tv’s so I made myself comfortable in the lobby), some decent bump skiing early on Bear Trap to the sound of Widespread Panic, and some park action later in the day. We hit up Deegan’s Den for some tunes and a few cocktails Friday night with bi-coastal legend Ryan, a local establishment made famous for it free soup at Apres and it’s infamous game room scene. Deegan’s is located right on the mountain road next to Gringo’s, which made it a favorite stop for none other than “Wild Hal” and yours truly during the mid 90’s. Furthermore, on the topic of Mt. Snow, I think its only fair like to share with our readers, that the last time a group of Apres deciples was up there, it was to replace a broken pool q, retrieve a hot tub filter from deep in the woods, dislodge a bathing suit, turn in our keys, and collect our belongings. Sadly pictures from the weekend leading up to those events were “misplaced.” For more on this trip, Check out pics in the Gallery.


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