As the East Coast gears up for Tuck’s, Utah is getting slammed!

In the last 24 hours, resorts throughout Utah, including Brighton, Solitude, and The Canyons have received over 20″ of new snow. Brighton alone, over the last 72 hours, has close to 60″ of new snow (58″ to be exact). A few things that I thought of when drooling over these numbers.

(1) It’s supposed to be 85 degrees in Boston, MA tomorrow, chance of snow is very low. (2) This 58” dump alone puts the Cottonwood Canyon area roughly 18″ above the largest existing base on the East Coast, which is at Jay Peak. (3) 58″ is over double the number of trails still open for skiing on the East Coast, which based on SkiReport is only 26, not counting Tuckerman’s. (4) With the additional snow, Alta has a base of 152″, that’s more than, Killington, Jay, Mount Snow, Okemo, and Stratton combined. (5) Flights to Utah leaving tomorrow and returning Sunday average around $450, which is almost exactly Brighton’s base to date of 480″!

Although we are not certified chaperons by any stretch of the imagination, quite the opposite in fact, should anybody need a companion or to travel out to Utah with over the next few days look no further. Although things are quieting down on this side of the country, we hope those of you checking in from the Left Coast have the chance to enjoy this offering from the snow gods!


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