Vail Resorts buys a ski website. Apres execs looking for answers!

Unfortunately our business development team is currently on summer vacation, fishing various hidden gems, working on their facial hair, and summer highlights, which would probably explain why this merger includes Vail Resorts and, and not Are we upset to have missed this opportunity? Well sort of. The terms of the deal have not been released, so we really can’t comment on it, but the Apres executive team is still looking for answers. After a long weekend of fun in the sun, C.E.brO getting “iced” all over Nantucket, and a sunset roof-top photo shoot back in Boston featuring C.F.O, its understandable that we just missed the boat on this one. Nonetheless, the future at Apres is still bright. With industry leading features such as “Snow Bunny of the Week,” and arguably the sweetest logo in the league, its only a matter of time until our phones start ringing. When asked to comment on the missed opportunity, Chief Fashion Officer simply said, “well, what can I say, we were too busy taking it in the can, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.” Well said Chief.


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