La Nina es muy bonita

El Nino es muy bonito tambien

I’ve been spending the day trying to do as little work as possible, which usually means surfing all over the internet, playing games on my phone, and chatting with friends.  I stumbled upon an article about El Nino and La Nina and their effects on snowfall through the US and A… and I’ll tell you what, things are looking pretty good (knock on wood)!

Current meteorological indicators point towards signs of La Nina, which is below average water temperatures in the southern Pacific Ocean.  What does this mean for skiers?  I don’t know how it means this, but generally it means very high snowfall in the Pacific Northwest, Montana, and Wyoming, but it also means above average snowfall for northern New England (generally speaking).  I have no idea what kind of weather patterns are behind this, but I’m hopeful.  So cross your fingers and head north for the snow!

Check out the full report here.



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