Legedary Epicness

Apres recently caught up with Ander Tallett founding member of Switch Productions.  Ander and his crew feature a style in front of the camera that is right in line with their name “Sw\tch” featuring huge air, back country riding and overall creativity often while riding switch (that means backwards if you’re just waking up from a century long 80’s-induced coma). Ander’s work behind the camera is equally as impressive. Including unique shots and an underlying appreciation for photography, Switch is currently launching their second DVD, “A Film In Pursuit Of of Epic Legendaryness”.  With a name like that, Switch seemed like a perfect fit with us at Apres. Similar to our founding crew, Switch is a small production crew of about 5 that does much of their work on the West Cost, but fine tunes their skills and is based on the East.

The idea behind Sw\tch is best said by the man himself. As we spoke I was able to capture a few words… “I came up with the idea living as a ski bum out in Park City. I was out in the driveway of the old ass (and awesome) cabin where I lived, spray-painting a pair of rock skis, some old Head MadTrix (not the mojo) which were damn ugly skis originally. After painting them down, I decided to paint on 7’s backwards: switch 7s. It got me thinking about the idea of “switch,” etc. Basically, the ski industry at that point had been changing drastically…Switch to me exemplified that idea: f* it all, I’m going backwards…Sw\tch to me is about the revolution in the skiing industry: it isn’t about racing on ice sheets or carving properly, its about turning the whole mountain into a playground.”

Perhaps the take away here is that Sw\tch’s momentum is anything but backwards. Check out their newest trailer…

Sw/tch Productions

– C.E.brO


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