Speedflying – Do not eat 30 mins prior to watching this.

Apres has recently become friendly with a few Chilean fellows who have not only passed along some great material (such as the vid below) but have also heightened our excitement to one day party, I mean ski, down south! As for this video, I mean, the general concept is not new to me. In fact floating down the mountain side on a chute is becoming as common place as taking a cat ride for an additional 200 vertical (Keystone.) At Jackson you can no sooner grab your self some grub, straight off the lift, than you can jump into one of these chutes and go for a ride. HOWEVER, this is insane and in no way is this what I saw last spring at JH.

Thanks for submitting Cucumber.



One Response

  1. Hi Apresski,
    First of all Happy B-Day.

    I´m doing reaserch to send you of some good vid and info about chilean mountains. Everybody is invited to go skiing down south.

    Any questions just conctact me!


    The Cucumber

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