Jersey attempts to set yet another trend

No, I’m not talking about using excessive hair gel to style your pom or sporting outer wear colored in a deep bronze, I’m talking about a new bill, which is being championed by representatives out of New Jersey . If passed the bill could mandate helmets be worn by all skiers under the age of 18. I don’t think helmets are bad, in fact I’ve taken consideration to CFO’s recent article, and recently reconsidered my personal position on wearing a helmet. But what I do have a problem with, on a personal level, is taking orders on the slopes from the state of New Jersey. I’ve spent the better part of my skiing career trying to avoid New Jersey influence on the slopes as well as at Apres and I resent this initiative for that reason. Lastly, a study quoted in this article out of Morristown Memorial Hospital (also out of NJ) states, “A helmet will prevent between 30 and 50 percent of injuries in falls at moderate speed, the hospital found.” Again, I’m not saying helmets are bad or not to wear one, but that’s a ridiculous statistic that is either miss-quoted or just flat out inaccurate. I can think of many falls at “moderate speeds” and while I consider myself lucky, I honestly don’t see how wearing a helmet could have prevented any of the resulting injuries. To be fair the study also acknowledges that “helmets would not guard against significant injuries in high-speed crashes,” again misleading information. Basically what I can deduce from this information is that if you ski at a medium pace, by wearing a helmet you can reduce the risk of breaking your arm in a fall by 30-50%. If you ski fast and take chances wearing a helmet does you no good…

Let me present some findings of my own. Based on my own experiences not wearing a bucket as well as the experiences of other I’ve skied with who do… When skiing at any pace if you aren’t wearing a helmet and you fall and hit your head, its gonna hurt or seriously injure your head and everything inside of it. Wearing a helmet will make your head hurt less and in some cases prevent your head from hurting at all. Wearing a helmet however, will not prevent injury or ouchies to any other part of your body.


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