Lost Ski Areas Project – Mt. Tom

My first pair of 205’s, white rear-entry boots, neon pink snow pants, alpine slide, T-bar, epic spill, daffy you name it… it all happened here. Mt. Tom in Holyoke, MA. Unfortunately, Mt. Tom joined the forgotten ranks of the “Lost Ski Project” nearly 10 years ago. Coming in at a jaw-dropping 680 vertical feet in its hay day, Mt. Tom killed it. Night skiing, a strong race development program, a few dicey drops, and a huge booter on the lower left hand side of “Big Tom” that, like Mt. Tom for the majority of the 90’s, survived any and every effort for destruction. Mt. Tom is now home to a lonely wind turbine on the back of the mountain and a bunch of un-bothered rattle snakes. I will say that it is an eerie scene these days as the sign is rotted away, the old entrance is blocked off next to the parking lot of an ancient amusement park that provides an interesting backdrop its self, and pedestrians who frequent the nearby reservoir are often completely unaware of the mountains former glory. We’re a huge fan of the New England Lost Ski Area Project and reading about some of these old mountains reminds me of the old wild West. While many of these former stomping grounds are shells of there former selves,  its grounding for sure to remember that former glory and consider that I was even a small part of it.



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  1. Somewhere in the files of the local TV station, there is a clip of a 4 year blond haired boy explaining the fine points of the ‘snow plow turn’ to his interviewer at the base of Mount Tom. It was a special place!

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