Clock goes Tuck…Tuck…Tuck…

At this point it seems like an annual right of passage that we plan a trip to Tuckerman’s and ultimately never end up going, but hopefully this year’s tradition will include actually skiing. Weather reports seem positive after a few dicey days of rain and the radar also seems clean. Although realistically I’m at least a week out from a trip its never too late to start planning and hopefully a few extra days will allow the solar radiation to soften things up a bit more. The Mount Washington Avalanche Center is a great place for information and I especially love the honesty of the information… “Two other things we want you to be aware of today are the waterfall hole and how to best descend from the Bowl. Every year when the waterfall hole opens up, we see people skiing dangerously close to it. Occasionally someone falls in. Historically most people who fall into this hole don’t get rescued, they get “recovered”.” I will keep my eyes on this site and continue to monitor weather reports for a desired trip weekend of April 22nd/23rd. Any further insight into what’s going on up there would be helpful as well.


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