Vermont Will Rise Again

It seems odd to think that the ski capital of the East took its worst beating in years from a storm in August…
With rainfall in excess of 7-8″ blown in by hurricane Irene, rivers quickly rose. Washing out ski lodges, covered bridges and iconic businesses, within a fraction of the time that countless New England monuments were built by hand many years ago, they were washed away, damaged and devastated.
Had Irene come in December she could have brought the state millions in ski tourism dollars and set the state up for much-needed full ski season. Instead, for some, ski season is now in jeopardy. The K1 lodge at Killington (shown below) was washed out completely, knocking out the mountains’ web site and ability to sell seasons passes as well. Killington will be o.k and so will the rest of Southeastern VT, however I urge people to consider what they have taken from one of the most authentic states in the US over the years… A ski trip with your family, a weekend of leaf peeping and fine wine with friends, a hand crafted piece of furniture, a lazy float trip down (insert river name here), or maybe it’s just the delicious maple syrup your pancakes are swimming in while your reading this post, or Ben and Jerry’s ice cream, Cabot cheese, Longtrail brew you’re enjoying as you consider these words.

No matter what it is that you remember the most, Vermonters are strong and this tragedy will be overcome, but with 45 dead, 10-20 BILLION in estimated damages, and over 13,000 still without power, this was the worst storm in the state’s history!
They can use our help, and in keeping with our fashion backed culture here at Après allow me to suggest a sweet
tee-shirt made by Vermont Clothing Co. as a way to contribute (that is unless your one of the few craftsmen in the world who knows how to splice wood and repair covered bridges).









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