Apres Adventures… Lake Creek, AK

We’re not there yet, but like the abundant year round rainbow population that calls Lake Creek, AK home, anticipation is running wild! For two Apres execs on and longtime Apres insider, during the week of September 1st- 8th., time will stop and the individual nuances our day to day city lives will flow away. We have been fantasizing about this trip like school children for years, too many years really. Annual excuses, events and milestones have outweighed the formidable “we may never get to do this again” opposition to make our dream a reality, but this year the stars aligned.

Our fishing abilities vary but our undying love for everything that is the Alaska wilderness does not. At separate times and from two different locations our party will make the 8-15hr pilgrimage to Anchorage Alaska two weeks from today. And thats just the beginning. We will spend day one preparing and picking up some odds and ends in Anchorage and waiting for the last of our party to arrive and then the adventure begins. On day two we will board a trout colored prop plane at Flying Crown Airstrip in Anchorage, which happens to be our host’s backyard and make the 100 something mile flight northwest to Lake Creek.

Gear, food, more gear and our excitement will all be packed into this plane (safely) and the real adventure will begin. Stay tuned for the real material, which is yet to come, as we experience a trip of a lifetime!


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