Snow Bunny of The Week

Outstanding work by – The 30 Hottest Olympians that will keep you warm in Sochi.

This is number 3 – Silje Norendal (its a good list!)



Whistler Exposed 2014 – So psyched to see that their cause continues into its fifth year. Congrats!

Watch there video here!

Whistler Exposed 5th Edition

Now in it’s 5th year, the Whistler Exposed calendar raises money for Spinal Cord research. The calendar is shot in and around Whistler, showcases its beautiful women as well as the cool activities available in the area. Grab a calendar for a great cause ……but get one soon, they always sell out fast.

New – Reader submitted SBOTW.

2013 Lange Girl – Lara Gut.

2013 Lange Girl Lara Gut

2013 Lange Girl Lara Gut

Snow is falling all across the country now and as if it couldn’t get any better… it did. As they always do, Lange and Freeskier  have teamed up to find Mrs. Right for the next Lange Girl. As such, let’s give it up for Shannon! Click here to vote for Shannon.


We’ve mentioned many of the lost ski areas of New England in the past and this potential Lange Girl grew up skiing the mean slopes of the biggest baddest lost ski area of them all. Mt. Tom in Holyoke MA. Vote for her, maybe if she wins she’d do a victory lap down Waterfall or Big Tom.

Vote for this potential Lange girl @

Pretty Crazy, but it’s true Britney Spears… Yes, Britney Spears “dreams about skiing.”

Wakeboarding opens up a whole new population of bunnies and we love both!

Skis in background…

Coffee with class…

This may be more of a bunny in the snow than a “snow bunny,” but no complaints.

Bangs and Boots! (Pretty sure I owned those boots.)

Lighting it up both on the slopes and as Snow Bunny of the Week!

Lindsey Vonn is ablsolutely lighting up to ski circut right now and she deserves all the publicity we can give her.

A quick shout from our consultant to the snow bunny community, Handsome Hans…

“Staying at a 10,000 sq ft. palace for the weekend at DV.  Snow is soft and bunnies are plentiful.” – CTTSBC out. (Of course they are Handsome, of course they are! Good hearing from you pal.)

This MassHole may have what it takes to be the next Lange Girl. Vote for her

I mean… I guess this means she qualifies as a snow bunny right?

Another CK gem!! I mean, a real GEM! Too bad our liaison to the snow bunny community, handsome Hans is off the grid for this one. Enjoy SKI BOOGIE!!

We love this new (but old) reader submitted retro bunny. Really, we can say from this picture that not much has changed in the bunny category since ohhhh maybe 82′. Except that perhaps the style has tailed off a bit. Thanks to CKB Company for shooting us this bunny. Check out

Nothing about these baby blues gets old.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Playboy must be a Snow Bunny of the Week Fan!

Winter wild life. Don’t shoot!

Bunnies are BACK!

Sept 2010.

Ahh, the good old baby blues!

Mancuso at ESPY’s

Why wait on good content right? That’s what I was thinking when I came across two potential bunnies for this week. Yes, o.k, one is L. Vonn, but who’s really counting how many times she’s made S.B.O.T.W headlines?


So classic. Makes us think needing attention on the slopes isn’t all that bad… (O.k its still embarrassing, but could be worse)

Early June:

Late May Bunny: (One for the ages. Yep, Pam Anderson)

Early May Bunny:

Looks like our kind of race.


This “cougar” bunny definitely brings experience to the table.

It almost pains me to post on top of the amazing spread S.I provided for us of now gold medalist Lidsey Vonn, but as they say in the biz, the show must go on. So, in typical fashion, the Consultant to the Snow Bunny Community, Handsome Hans, hit us with this little number. Now, in case anybody was wondering the translation of “snow bunny”is in Swedish, it’s “hur mår du.” Honestly that could be complete hog-wash, but that’s what WikiAnswers told me, so I’m going with it. Enjoy.

A S.B.O.T.W special: A tribute to U.S gold medal hopeful Lindsey Vonn. Despite recent reports that Vonn suffered an injury that may limit her performance in the Olympics, we are pulling for her and trust that her savageness will prevail. One thing we are sure of however, is win or lose, she will do so with style. Check out the pics.



I actually thought this chick was riding a mechanical bull. Although she isn’t I still think she get style points.


Our “consultant to the Snow Bunny community” strikes again!

No idea what day it is…

Jersey girl…



WHO’S YOUR DAFFY? This entry into the “Local Lange Girl Contest” seriously caught my eye… I mean seriously, “who’s your daffy!?” mind blowing.


The first S.B.O.T.W for 2010. Grace. Sorry the pic is a bit blurry, but it’s probably for the best.


Meet Sophie. To learn more, check her out.


Stay tuned for breaking news as it pertains to the S.B.O.T.W


Thanks to snow savage in his own rite handsome Hansie for submitting this weeks SBOTW


Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!  Enjoy some turkey and trimmings, and of course our snow bunny of the week, Marla.


The image of the week also happens to be this week’s Snow Bunny. Click on the image at the top right of the screen to get a better look! We would like to thank our official “liaison to the racing community” BigzDeal for passing this along. Thanks also for volunteering for the position Biggs, congrats bud you got the job!


This is more than just a S.B.O.T.W. This is your 2009 Lange girl, and what a beauty she is. I’d also like to point out the baby blues on this girl. To quote a much more accomplished skier than myself, they’re….. “moving.”



Three for the price of one. We’ll take it!

snow bunnies h


If this is any sign of whats to come for the 09/10 season, we’re in!

busty snow bunny


freestyle snow bunny


“do you need any help applying that sun lotion?”

Tour Bunny


Handsome Hans strikes again!! Is is a coincidence that a man nicknamed “Handsome” which he most certainly is, steps up to the plate and somehow manages to hits a grand slam with nobody on base? I think not. This is definitely a grand slam S.O.T.B, we’d expect nothing less, thanks Hans.



“Harry, I’m on it!”



This is a perfect clash of some of our favorite things, palm trees, great terrain and a top snow bunny.



This Snow Bunny definitely wins style points for her incredible one piece and cowboy hat!





So I came across this sweet snow bunny pic and I couldn’t help but notice a similarity to a pic taken of our very own CFO earlier this season…

Snow bunnies…





Name this celebrity… Seriously, I have no effing idea who this is. But she definitely fits the profile of SNOW BUNNY!



So we’re today making up for lost time with a real winner. Not only do we have multiple snow bunnies here, but they are at Apres as well, JACKPOT! Enjoy.


Starting the countdown to 2009 a little early…


A little something, from us to you! Merry Christmas.



What better way to warm up for the Holidays than with a Christmas snow bunny?



This is one of the UK’s top cross country skiers. Which is nice



V. Becks? Man, if we only had a fashion guy to weigh in on this one, hmmmm.



Not exactly sure what that sign says, but if we had to guess…. “Viva Apres!”



How do you say “Snow bunny” in European?



This just in, she skies too. Promise…



Due to all the great feedback we have decided to reward our readers with a bonus Snow Bunny this week. Its the holiday season after all, and yes, we’re givers. That’s kind of what we do. GIVE


We’re back on schedule with another smokin snow bunny this week. Its no surprise that this young bunny of the snow has been featured on Apres before. I mean really why wouldn’t she be?



Yep, you got it, a new bunny! And a good one too, she definitely gets an “A” for effort on this one.



We have to solute Apres insider Petite Robert, or Little Robert if you don’t parle vouz french. Well done AROB on coming up with this bunny and a few more to come. Its a talent, it really is.




We realize we have some catching up to do so stay tuned for more great snow bunnies to come! In this case though, Snow Bunnies for a good cause, tough to beat. Good job girls.


Thanks to Apres-enthusiast Hans for this sweet snow-bunny.  She is definatly (in our opinion) ready to hit the slopes!


Nothing is much better than an olympic metalist (she probably ski’s a bit in the offseason)… thank you Amanda Beard for your hard work on the US women’s swim team.


In honor of the opening ceremonies of the Olympic Games in China, we thought it only appropriate to showcase the Swiss Olympic sailing team…  Good luck in Quindao!

O.k…. so its been a while. 7/14

Just keeping you all honest here. We don’t pretend to know this girl, but we also won’t pretend that we don’t think she’s pretty hot, and appears to enjoy a good time.


So Sam Davies is racing across the ocean all by herself in the 2008 Artemis Transat… and she is in the middle of the pack… pretty cool!


So, it looks like ski season is over, but that doesn’t mean we are going to stop with the bunnies…. Wakeboarding for example….. sweet sport, notorious for attracting hot girls. We’re in.


Sorry guys — we just really do love the Lange girls…


While we have no intention of straying from our signature theme of snow BUNNY of the week, it seems only fitting this week to feature our very first snow STUD of the week. This sexy Canuck put in a strong performance Saturday on the slopes and an equally strong outing apres. We’re not sure if this outfit will be up for charity auction any time this decade but if it is we will be the first to share it with you.


This week’s snow bunny comes from the Slush Huck out in Crested Butte, we’re hoping to see similar showing up at Killington in the coming weekends!!



Back to the snow!!


Special edition: 3/11/08

O.k. I understand that some of our Bunnies have strayed a bit from the “snow.” But this picture is completely ridiculous. While approximately 88% of this picture probably fits our loose guidelines. Can everybody PLEASE take one minute to look at this clown all the way to the right!! We’ve been laughing at this picture for at least a week. Next time we’ll get back to the snow, we promise.

Im sorry this is too good.


Suns out bums out!! God do we love Spring time!!


Thanks to Apres nut Drewtecki for this submission.



Ok, so Eva Mendes clearly isn’t ripping back flips amongst the clouds. But it would be sweet if she did. So just imagine it.




No, these girls are not tooting their own horns, they are in fact celebrating their home mountain of Heavenly. Which we obviously are in to!


She rips and she’s hot? (maybe its supposed to be in the other order). Wow… sign me up! I know that fellow-Apres-enthusiast Hans wouldn’t hesitate!! Anyways, thanks Kristi Leskinen for being such a treat.



White, just like the color of snow…. Yes, that does make her a “Snow Bunny!”



Canadians welcome!!



This is an early front runner for BOTY!!! “Bunny of the Year” 2008. Look for a voting tool coming soon. Feel free to let us know if you have any favorites.





Snow bunnies and bunnies in the snow….its all the same. Looks like a hot party!









Nothing spells a great Apres Ski story like a few rounds on a mechanical bull.


This picture really speaks for it’s self. Snow Bunnies. Yep, we love’m!!!


Snow Bunny of the week 11/19/07


This week’s “Snow Bunny of the Week,” keep the pictures coming and you could be the Snow Bunny of the Week!

This is good, but come on, we can do better!!


This will only work with the help of our, preferably attractive, readers. Send us your best most festive pics from anything Apres.


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  1. ahhhhhhhhh my girls look soooooooo fine

  2. Lange did a great job throughout the years with their ski boot girls. Always a pleasure to see new talent each year!

  3. very good

  4. Beautiful ~

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