Our Alaska Adventure Fishing the Russian River

There was more to our trip to Alaska than crushing the Russian, in fact it was almost by chance that we even made it there. After two soggy but very fun days 150 miles due west of Anchorage, which included multiple spills, some shooting and a lot of ATV’ing, at our hosts at their family cabin, it was time to catch some fish. The heavy rains and high water definitely curbed enthusiasm, but given our surroundings we were still childishly excited.  Once the plane touched down at Fly Crown Airstrip and our stomachs settled, we were on the road for the two and a half hour trip west to any hotel USA and Soldotnta, AK. Being the good time Charlies that we are, we entertained a few stops along the way to break up the ridiculously scenic trip, which included Cooper Landing and Alaska Troutfitters Fly Shop. The owner was a native New Englander and gave us just what we needed, a tip on the Russian and assurance that our trip was just beginning. He nailed it.

The next 48hrs were spent fruitfully fishing the Russian River. Alaskan rivers feature such tremendous ecosystems on either end of the spectrum of life. At times the thrill of landing huge rainbows and meaty dollies was rivaled by the stimulating colors and splashing sounds Salmon rushing feverishly under foot to a predetermined destination and young eagles squawking loudly in play overhead. But only for the few moments between fish, which were admittedly the best of my career.

Russian River, Alaska

Fishing trip, Sept 2012

After such an amazing trip I can only hope that it was not the last. But in the meantime, there are many wonderful and lasting memories that really come to life in some of the pictures below and in the gallery . Thank you to our hosts and to Alaska Troutfitters for making my first trip to AK incredible.