Stay active Apres style.

Probebly not New Hampshire, but what the hell.

Enjoy the picture for a second………………….. O.k, now read on.

Honestly, this sounds fun. We know because we have been doing it for years. I suppose when your are as infatuated with the Apres way of life as we are things like this seem natural! And obviously we are not alone on this, as one of our favorite beer makers have coined the phrase, “Take a hike.” Pick a spot, say… the Mt. Sunapee region of New Hampshire, (New Hampshire Hikes) and follow your outing with another productive activity, such as joining the Flying Goose’s “Mug Club.” In this situation you really can’t loose. And if your “hike” is from the car to the bar, thats fine too, we all have to start somewhere. But really, this is win win, some fresh air and activity with as many friends as you can round up, followed by great culture.

If you can suggest any other such activities please pass them along and we will be happy to share them.