“Best Looking” Team at Winter Carnival. Way to Go Babson

This is a minor glimpse into the wonderful weekend shared by 16 MBA programs from all over the country. The hosting team up at Tuck did an outstanding job and we than them for their hospitality. Highlights included wins in the overall best dressed female category won by a Babson MALE, unofficially being voted “best looking” team, an all out 80’s bash at a “Big Labowski” themed bowling ally (couldn’t tell you the name if my life depended on it), and some really impressive times turned in by some world-class skiers on the course at Whaleback mt. For my money, this event is only rivaled by the April 1st Beach party at A-Basin, and I can’t say for sure which plays harder. That’s impressive given the competition. Thanks again to all parties involved including Booth MBA, Babson’s new sister program…