Nearly a month away, we couldn’t keep you in the dark any longer…

Welcome to “the Beach”


Well here you go. A pretty well kept secret that can be a life changing experience. On April 1st every year the parking lot area of A-Basin known as “the Beach,” is absolutely rocked out by Chinese down hill skiing, cheap bear drinking, wild partying locals. Occasionally a not so local like yours truly is lucky enough to stumble across what has been called the best apres scene in North America and one of the best in the world. A-Basin is NOT a glamorous resort, it doesn’t have a back door airport for the rich and famous, and the only hot tub you’ll find is the one or two imported for this magical event. (Based on what I saw if those hot tubs were rented, chances are that deposit was a lost cause) There’s no life guard on duty unless you count the guy dressed in scuba gear, and more laws are broken than upheld. Especially during the home made firework display. Skiers dress up to enjoy a festive day on the slopes and end the day inches from where they leave their skies, on the beach. Weather or not they find their skies after the party ends, we can’t say. In fact, should anybody stumble across a red pair of Solomon boots circa 1997 this year please let us know. Strangely they did not make the trip back east two years ago. So if any of our readers are looking for a good time and some killer spring skiing to go along with it you should definitely head west to THE BEACH.