Lindsay Vonn Suffers Season Ending Injury in Big Crash

As reported by multiple news outlets around the world, American skiing icons Lindsay Vonn suffered a season ending ACL injury today in Austria. While this is undoubtedly a huge blow to both the skier and the US Ski Team, reports seem optimistic that Lindsay will be back for 2014 and the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi Russia.


This photo taken from an article by the NY Times shows Vonn being airlifted to local Austrian hospital minutes after her crash.

We wish Lindsay the best in her road to recovery.


Aviation in the News

As itineraries are being finalized and gear is being sorted, we were informed earlier today, by an Apres staffer that there was enough left over in the 2011 budget to upgrade our flights arrangements for our upcoming trip to the great Alaskan wilderness. As previously reported, the team would rendez vous at the Flying Crown Airstrip to board the plane pictured below.

Well, plans change. We received a call early this morning from an Apres intern explaining to us that our travel itinerary had been updated. The team will still report the the Flying Crown Airstrip, as previously reported, however our carrier has changed. See below.


CTTSBC – Checking in from BC

Boys –  its starting to snow heavily here in BC with over a meter forecast by Friday.  Thats 3 feet for you hoser Americans eh!  Wife did her knee at squaw a couple weeks ago so to CTTSBC is hitting WB solo this week…With lots of pow, spring breakers, and Easter sat approaching, I am looking for a strong showing from the whistler blackcomb snow bunny community.  Signing off,  CTTSBC

The Consultant To The Snow Bunny Community will be holding 2012-2013 auditions later this week. Feel free to use this post as a vehicle to sign up. 


The Bonafides Deliver for the CFO

Full review on the fashion tab. 

Best of Both Worlds

Although ski season may just (finally) be heating up, I couldn’t lay off this summer season concept. Hot tub + boating = amazing. I can’t wait to see these things cruising around harbors all over the country this summer!! On top of the phenomenal utility, take a look, the boats look classic and natural, making it the natural choice for the Apres company boat. (Ok – maybe tender, but we love it!)

Excerpts from The Sawtooths. Sun Valley, ID.

…Day three led us north over Galena to Stanley and the Sawtooths, where a long drive through snowy plains awarded us with priceless views (shown below) and a long soak in local hot springs. The journey provided some rest for the evening’s activities, including plans to strap on the skins or snowshoes to ascend the mountain we had so enjoyed skiing down a few days earlier. We assembled at 5 pm at the base lodge and hiked for over 2 hours as the sun set behind us. Meager headlamps announced our slow upward migration to busy Cats preparing the hill for the next day’s crowd, as we pushed on under a starlit sky. At the top, out of breath and ecstatic for the summit, I announced proudly to my friends: “Yes. I skinned baldy.” The steady turns I took on my descent in the dark were some of the most rewarding of my life… Full Story @ Apres Weighs In.

What a tease. Mother Nature’s ballyhoo continues in the West!

After overhearing that Denver was getting throttled with snow this morning I couldn’t help my gut reaction, which was to hate text a buddy of mine who is making some celebratory turns at Vail this weekend.  Luckily I refrained, but then after taking a deeper look, the story got way worse. Travelers all across the country are being affected by the snow, including most likely those trying to get to Vail, but yet again Mother Nature is up to her old ballyhoo. It seems that this monster is nothing more than tomfoolery, blowing a friendly kiss by way of a faint breeze to the resorts in CO. while hammering their gateway city of Denver. Too bad there’s no skiing in Nebraska.


OntheSnow report for Vail